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MGF Keyboard Standard For Aircraft in Flight Simulation Software V0.1 #MGFKF01

After many many many and a lot of discrepancies between different aircraft even inside the same sim in keyboard shortcuts for various functions and me getting tired of having to relearn everything all over again with every single aircraft I decided to create the first de facto standard for keys in flight simulation.


This standard attempts to fix inconsistencies and follow some logic. Whenever you are increasing something or elevating is a capital and a lower case when decreasing or lowering.

Logic this standard follows:

  • Go up/Increase/Raise/Turn On/Next = Uppercase (use of shift)
  • Go down/Decrease/Lower/Turn off/Previous = Lowercase (letter alone)
  • Control a flight system, such as autopilot = Ctrl key is used

Version 0.1.7 – 25/Aug/2018 – DRAFT

Main Aircraft Controls

  • Throttle Increase = “PageUp”
  • Throttle Decrease = “PageDown”
  • Flap Up = “F”
  • Flap Down = “f”
  • Gear Up = “G”
  • Gear Down = “g”
  • Increase Spoiler = “S” 
  • Decrease Spoiler = “s”
  • Activate/Increase/Power Up Reverser = “Del”
  • Deactivate/Decrease/Power Down Reverser = “Shift Del”
  • Turn Heads Up Display On = “H”
  • Turn Heads Up Display Off = “h”


  • Radar On/Increase Radar Range = “R”
  • Radar Off/Decrease Radar Range = “r”
  • Next Target = “T”
  • Previous Target = “t”


  • Select Missile/Next Missile/Pylon = “M”
  • Previous Missile/Pylon = “m”
  • Cycle/Next Weapon = “W”
  • Cycle/Previous Weapon “w”


  • Release Flares = “Q”
  • Release Chaft = “q”

Automated Flight Control (Autopilot)

This section is optional, for generic APs.

  • Follow programmed route LNAV = “Ctrl l”
  • Follow programmed altitude VNAV = “Ctrl v”
  • Follow selected heading HDG = “Ctrl h”
  • Toggle A/T = “Ctrl t”
  • Next Waypoint = “Ctrl W”
  • Previous Waypoint =”Ctrl w”

More keys to come, suggestions in comments are welcome.